Refúgio 343 is a humanitarian organization dedicated to the response of the biggest humanitarian crisis in Latin America. We rescue Venezuelan refugee families in Brazil, through the process of interiorization. Interiorization is a planned relocation strategy to other Brazilian states. Our mission is to promote the socio-economic reintegration of these families in the national territory.

We work in partnership with leading organizations involved in the response of this crisis, including the Brazilian Armed Forces, IOM, UNHCR, Fraternity Without Borders, AVSI Brasil, among others.

We have developed safe mechanisms for the interiorization of the families, activating civil society and companies in a clear host system.


“In October 2018, I started having frequent dreams about a girl who was strange to me. One day, I recognized her on an article about the migratory crisis in Venezuela. At this moment I felt I should do something to help”.

The experience of one of our founders, inspired a group, already involved in other social causes, to take action. The first dream was to catch a plane to the state of Roraima, on the border with Venezuela, and return with a refugee. This dream has grown. Today, we are a Humanitarian Organization that has already rescued dozens of families, and this is only the beginning of a life journey.

We believe in the power of unity, charity and determination. Rather, we are a refuge for ourselves, a platform that aims to promote healing from the inside out. We find in the culture of this organization the opportunity to evolve, to become better people and professionals, while developing our humanitarian work.

We live the new era, we are a family!


Since 2015, Venezuela has been facing a socio-economic and political crisis, causing more than 4.8 million people to flee the country.

Venezuelans are the world’s second largest displaced population group, behind only Syrian refugees, who reach over 5.6 million people. Brazil has already received 264,000 Venezuelans (the 5th most welcoming country).

To accommodate the migratory flow, there are 11 shelters in Boa Vista and 2 in Pacaraima, with a capacity of approximately 6,500 people. Despite great efforts, the measures taken have not been enough. It is estimated that over 4,000 refugees live on the streets and in abandoned buildings of Boa Vista, and many others are scattered around the state of Roraima.


Fernando Rangel
Cofounder and Executive Director
Laura Fatio
Cofounder and Executive Coordinator
Guilherme Sperandio
Cofounder and Operational Manager
Suelen Nina
Project Coordinator
Débora Spitzcovsky
Communications Coordinator
Vinicius Fernandes
Interiorization Coordination
Icaro Vasques
Fundraising Analyst
Júlia Hadad
Interiorization Leader
Maria Pereira
Interiorization Specialist
Estiben Sanchez
Interiorization Specialist
Marcos Manaut
Interiorization Specialist


Leonardo Lima
Sustainable Development Director Arcos Dorados
Ana Carolina Xavier
CEO NTICS Projetcs
Ricardo Siqueira
Board Member
ClimaFund Brazil
Pedro Navio
President The Kraft Heinz Company
Guilherme Ferreira
Executive Director Bahema Education


Pedro Figueira
Minas Gerais
Talita Monteiro
Minas Gerais
Rafael Barbosa
Minas Gerais
Juliana Zochetti
São Paulo
Rafael Lavarini
Paula Genelhu
Minas Gerais
Heitor Souza
São Paulo
Danielle Camargo
São Paulo
Julia Neiva
São Paulo

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